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After sales service

The company offers a wide range of spares parts for ovens, and its electrical, mechanical and commissioning engineers offer a full servicing, repair and refurbishment service on site or in own works.


See how this oven looked before and after it was repaired by JLS

oven repaired

The oven casing and mechanism were re-used, but the gas valves, combustion chamber, burner and the electrical control systems had to be replaced to meet modern standards of performance and safety.


The oven below is an example of a small high temperature unit, which was returned after some 20 years' service with a spring manufacturer, and refurbished ready for another spell.

As the photograph on the right shows, we are always ready to carry out major repairs on site when the oven is too large to move to our factory for attention.

high temperature unitoven repair onsite


We also undertake repairs relating to...


Electrical Control Equipment

Electrical and electronic control equipment is intergrated with all JLS new products. Our design and workshop staff are at your service to carry out repairs and up grades on existing control gear.

Our experience with PLC and SCADA logic controls is of particular importance with the increasing sophistication of modern heat treatment plant.

Contract Maintenance

Many of our larger clients are electing to entrust their plant maintenance functions to companies who specialise in the particular equipment. This ensures that adequate attention is given to the vital functions of the equipment, with particular reference to safety, and the accuracy of temperature control.
JLS' mechanical, electrical, and control engineers are available for scheduled work of this nature, and they can handle the widest variety of ovens, by any manufacturer.


Plant Re-Organisation

A valuable service offered by JLS is that of plant movement. In the course of our normal work, our engineers are accustomed to moving very large and delicate pieces of plant, and this facility is in great demand by our clients. It is not at all unusual for JLS to deliver and install pieces of plant requiring several 40-foot articulated lorries for transport as special wide loads. This experience is invaluable when factories are being re-organised, and we are at your service.


Spare Parts

Ovens Ltd. retain a wide selection of spare parts for gas and electric ovens, and are well placed to obtain any unusual parts which might be required for any oven, whether it is of JLS design or not. Spares are usually shipped by 'next-day' carrier.