Airflow Types

Indirect gas fired oven - Re-circulating air is passed over the gas fired heat exchanger and carries the heated air back to the suction side of the fan to continue the circulating cycle. This process excludes products of combustion from the work chamber.

Electrically heated oven -Principle is the same as gas firing but using electric heating elements which can be thyristor controlled.

Indirect gas fired oven

Direct gas fired oven - Re-circulating air is heated from the directly fired gas burner before completing the cycle. Products of combustion will mix in the work chamber but efficiency is greater than the indirect version.

Direct gas fired ovenWhen oven is used for a process that produces water vapour, solvents or other volatiles, then these can be evacuated from the work chamber by opening the fresh air inlet to introduce cooler fresh air into the suction airflow. This can also be used as a means of controlled cooling and can be either manually or automatically operated.


Oven Types

Flat bed conveyor - Conveyor systems can be specifically designed to suit any type of loading arrangement.

Flat bed conveyorOverhead conveyor - Used where overhead loading of lighter weight components is a requirement, particularly within the coating industry.

Overhead conveyorBottom loader - Normally used in aluminium heat treatment processes where rapid quench is essential, particularly within the aerospace industry.

Bottom loader ovensFront loader - Used in all industries for batch production, loading method and door types specifically designed to suit any application. Load trolleys and floor trucks, bogie hearths, walking beams and many other types have all been supplied by JLS Ovens Ltd.

Front loader ovensTop loader - Normally used in aluminium heat treatment where a rapid quench is not so essential but otherwise has all the high performance features found in our bottom loading ovens.

Top loader ovens