World leaders in aftermarket motorcycle parts, design, develop and manufacture products in house, in the UK. They have ordered an electrically heated bottom loading oven with quench tank, complete with an electric chain hoist and jib. The oven with a load basket of 900x900x1000 was designed to achieve +/- 5℃ through a range of temperature, for solution, precipitation and annealing of aluminium. JLS designed, built, installed and commissioned.

Cross Manufacturing, established in 1930, and privately owned. They have ordered a front loading oven with power driven vertical uprising door. The oven has a maximum temperature of 650℃ and is designed to meet AMS 2750E. Class 2 oven with a range of 320 - 620℃. JLS have over 25 ovens on site, with Cross return to us for the reliability, performance and after sales service that we give.

Gardner are one of Europe's largest independent manufactures of metallic aerospace detailed parts. They have ordered an electrically heated bottom loading oven with a basket of 3000x1500x1500 that was designed to meet NADCAP AMS2750E. Glass 2 for precipitation, solution, annealing and reversion of aluminium alloys. JLS designed, built, installed and commissioned to a tight deadline. The oven was surveyed by a third party on site to ensure its compliance to AMS 2750E

Ross Ceramics with over 35 years of experience in the manufacturing of ceramic cores are acknowledged as being at the forefront of advanced ceramic core technology. They have ordered three large front loading ovens with swing doors. The ovens are used for de-bonding and will operate between 50-180℃ with uniformity of +/- 5℃ programmable control, excess temperature safety system and temperature recording was included.

Wallwork with over 50 years of experience in heat treatment for aerospace, motorsport, medical and oil and gas. They have ordered an electrically heated front loading oven with a maximum temperature of 750℃. The oven is fitted with a power driven vertical uprising door. The control panel was designed and built by Wallwork with JLS engineers fitting on clients site.

Granger & Worrall are specialist in complex high quality castings, and can provide the 'complex casting solutions'. They have ordered a special front loading oven with manually operated vertical uprising doors used for drying moisture from sand moulds are 150℃